Responsibilities of an employer and an employee


The employer takes full responsibility for the third-country national’s employment (including remuneration limits) and stay in Latvia (including accommodation and healthcare), as well as, if necessary, for the costs of deportation.


As any employee in Latvia, a third-country national has duties and responsibilities. For example, you have to pay taxes, your contract specifies your working hours, your remuneration for work and your annual leave. Third-country nationals have the same rights to a standard working week, rest periods, annual leave, termination of employment and unemployment benefits (if they apply for a European Union Blue Card).


It is compulsory to have a written employment contract between an employer and an employee. An employment contract can be signed with either a physical signature or an electronic signature.


The basis of employment is:

  • a signed employment contract
  • another civil contract (e.g., a company contract)
Employment changes!

The employer and the employee must notify the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs within three days of changes in remuneration, changes in the place of work, and termination of the employment relationship. Failure to provide this information may result in a warning or a fine of up to 70 penalty units (1 unit = 5 EURO).

Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs
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