Do I have access to state-provided social housing?

A third-country national with a temporary residence permit does not have access to state-guaranteed social assistance and services, including social housing.
To apply for a temporary residence permit, you must prove you have sufficient resources to support your family^ including housing and provide for your healthcare.

Where can I find information about renting an accommodation?

Most often, you will have to rent an apartment. You can find information about available apartments and their prices on the following websites. For example, ss.com or city24.lv. Social network facebook.com groups also offer housing for sale and rent.

Is a tenancy agreement compulsory?

Note that it is advisable to sign a tenancy agreement, which should include the amount of rent, the duration of the tenancy, details of the utilities included, the amount of the security deposit (usually the first and last month’s rent), and the rules on breaking the tenancy agreement.

Do I have to declare my place of residence?

Everyone in Latvia is obliged to declare their new place of residence within one month of taking up permanent residence. When declaring a place of residence in Latvia or an address abroad, everyone has the option to provide one additional address in Latvia or abroad. More about declaring your place of residence here

Can I buy or sell property?

Third-country nationals are free to buy, develop and dispose of movable property (buildings) in Latvia if the property is acquired separately from the land on which it is located. Third-country nationals must obtain permission from the local government to buy land. However, third-country nationals can lease land for up to 99 years without restrictions.

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