Obtaining Latvian citizenship by naturalisation

Can I obtain Latvian citizenship?

You can apply for Latvian citizenship by naturalisation* if you are 15 years old and:


  • have been permanently resident in Latvia for at least the last five years
  • you have good command of the Latvian language
  • you know the text of the national anthem, the basics of Latvian history and culture, and the basic rules of the Constitution of the Republic of Latvia
  • you have a legal livelihood


Children up to the age of 15 can be naturalised at the same time as their parent without paying an additional state fee if they have their permanent place of residence in Latvia.

Persons with criminal convictions, links to terrorism, activities in an anti-state or criminal organisation, failure to meet tax or other payment obligations to the state, etc., are not admitted to Latvian citizenship by naturalisation. 

What documents are needed to start the naturalisation process?
  • Application for naturalisation (in Latvian)
  • Proof of identity – a passport or an ID card (copy)
  • Proof of permanent residence in Latvia for the last five years (e.g., employer’s employment certificate; certificate from the State Social Insurance Agency; certificate from an educational institution; document proving that economic or financial activities were carried out in Latvia during the specified period, etc.).
  • Proof of a legal source of income (e.g., a statement from your workplace; a pensioner’s certificate; a statement from the State Social Insurance Agency on receipt of benefits; a bank statement on a positive account balance; a statement from your education institution on receipt of a scholarship, etc.).
  • Portrait photo 3×4 cm.
  • A document on payment of the state fee (in Latvian).
  • If you are a national of another country, you must submit a certificate of your criminal record, issued and signed by the competent authority of your country of nationality. The certificate must have been issued no earlier than six months before the application for naturalisation, or documentary proof must be submitted that it is not possible to obtain such a certificate. The criminal record certificate must be legalised in accordance with the procedure laid down by the laws and regulations and translated into Latvian.
After submitting your application, you will be invited to:
  • a Latvian language proficiency test
  • testing knowledge of the basic rules of the Constitution of the Republic of Latvia, the text of the national anthem, and the basics of Latvian history and culture

If you pass the test and it is found that your performance meets all the conditions of the Citizenship Law, you will be invited to pledge allegiance to the Republic of Latvia.


The decision on admission to Latvian citizenship under the naturalisation procedure is taken by the Government – the Cabinet of Ministers.

After the Cabinet of Ministers has signed the Order, the person will be sent an information letter on admission to Latvian citizenship.

Once you are a Latvian citizen, you must apply for a Latvian identity document (passport or ID card) within one month. You can do this at any territorial division of the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs.


Personal Status Control Division of the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs
More information: see here
Personal Status Control Division of the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs

* Naturalisation is a legal process for obtaining citizenship based on the voluntary will of the submitter. The naturalisation procedure is governed by national law.

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