Public transport in Riga

There are three types of public transport in Riga: tram, trolleybus and bus.

Public transport runs from 05.30 to 23.30. The timetables, ticket prices and information on how to buy tickets in Latvian and English can be found on the website

From RIX Riga Airport, you can get to the city centre by bus 22, which is the only route where you can also buy a ticket from the driver. Payment on this bus route is by bank card only and the ticket price is EUR 2.00.

You can buy a paper e-ticket in advance at kiosks, shopping centres or ticket vending machines. The e-ticket is a single electronic ticket for public transport in Riga. Each passenger must purchase their own e-ticket.


The following ticket types are available:

  • 90-minute ticket – EUR 1.50. This 90-minute ticket should be registered on each vehicle used during this time. The last check-in can be made at the 89th minute from the first check-in; you can continue the journey to the final destination;
  • 3-day ticket – EUR 8.00;
  • 5-day ticket – EUR 10.00
  • monthly ticket – EUR 30.00.


All tickets must be recorded for each journey on each means of transport used!


You can buy a code ticket that allows you to pay for your journeys online with your smartphone. To use the code ticket, customers need to install a mobile app on their smartphone. 


The fine for travelling without a ticket is between EUR 15 and EUR 30.

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