Personal identity number

Why do I need a personal identity number in Latvia and how do I get one? 

Everyone in Latvia, including third-country nationals who permanently reside in Latvia has their own unique 11-digit number, called a personal identity number. A personal identity number is a way of identifying every resident of Latvia and is assigned by the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs, which collects information about every resident of Latvia in the Register of Natural Persons.


When a long-term residence right is granted in Latvia, the foreigner is entered in the Register of Natural Persons and the system automatically assigns a personal identity number. This status gives you greater access to services. If you have a temporary residence permit, you will be entitled to apply for permanent residence in Latvia after five years of residence. Please note that a visa does not entitle you to a personal identity number.


In everyday life, a personal identity number allows you to get the services you need from both public and private institutions, such as opening a bank account, enrolling your child in school, and receiving social support, including benefits.

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