Health insurance

Do I need a health insurance?

If you are a third-country national and your situation does not match the list of persons eligible for healthcare services in Latvia, you do not have access to state-funded medical services. For instance, third-country nationals with a temporary residence permit do not have access to state-funded medical services. Health insurance is therefore a must, and the policy must cover at least emergency medical treatment and hospitalisation for critical health conditions, as well as transportation to a medical facility.

Please note that a valid health insurance is required to obtain a temporary residence permit in Latvia.

If you legally stay in Latvia and are included in the National Health Service’s Service Register, you can also receive a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) – just like anyone living in a Member State of the European Union. The EHIC certifies that you are socially insured and can receive the same level of necessary or emergency medical care as is provided to people living in your country.

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