Primary healthcare and registering with a general practitioner

Why is it important to register with a general practitioner?

Once you have been entered into the Services Register of the National Health Service, we recommend that you register with a general practitioner. Registering with a general practitioner is not compulsory but can save you money. 

A general practitioner is a medical professional specialising in the provision of primary health care services to individuals and families. The general practitioner is the first port of call if a patient has a health problem. You can contact your general practitioner for treatment, preventive check-ups, health advice and other information about your health and how to deal with various health-related situations in your life. The general practitioner can refer the patient to the necessary state-funded medical services. The patient will only have to pay a co-payment (patient contribution).


Please contact the National Helath Service to find out which family doctor you can register with according to your declared place of residence.

Third-country nationals without a permanent residence permit must pay the full cost of their healthcare, which can be covered by insurance. The cost of visiting a private medical practice can vary.

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