Interpreting and translation

The Integration and Inclusion Agency provides oral interpretation and translation in writing in more than 24 languages, excluding Russian and English. Translation services are also available via electronic resources: telephone, Whatsapp, Facebook, ZOOM, etc.



We provide interpreting for third-country nationals to communicate with individuals and employees of various organisations, including landlords, employers, doctors, etc. Interpreting is available both remotely and in person.  



We translate a wide range of documents, such as birth, death and marriage certificates, education diplomas, medical, legal and other documents. 


We ensure that the content of the original text is fully reproduced in the target language. A complete copy of the document must be provided when requesting a translation. If necessary, we provide a notarised translation by a notary public.  


Who can request a trnslation?
The translation service of the Integration and Inclusion Agency may be requested by:


  • third-country nationals who have obtained the right to reside in the territory of Latvia and persons in need of international protection who are legally residing in the territory of Latvia; 
  • governmental and non-governmental organisations, associations.


Oral interpretation form available here. When filling in the form, you will need to indicate the date, place, time and reason for the service, as well as whether you need remote or face-to-face translation. 


Translation form available here. When filling in the form, you should indicate the time when the translation should be ready and the language into which the text should be translated


How to apply?

You can apply for translation services in person at the premises of the Integration and Inclusion Agency at Raiņa Boulevard 15, Riga, or by sending a completed application to e-mail [email protected]


Interpreter coordinator
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