How to get a job in Latvia?

What do I need to consider if I want to work in Latvia?

If the purpose of your entry into Latvia is employment, you will be issued with a visa or a temporary residence permit with the right to work for a specific employer (known as a “work visa”). 


If you already have a temporary residence permit in Latvia for another purpose but want to work, check what the conditions are and whether this is even possible.

How can I get a “work visa” or residence permit based on employment?

To obtain a visa or residence permit in Latvia based on employment, you need to research the Latvian labour market and find a job vacancy with a local employer. The job description provides information about the company or organisation, describes the job advertised and specifies the knowledge and training required to qualify for the position. It also specifies the procedure for applying for a vacancy. The employer will contact you if you are a suitable candidate for the advertised vacancy. If you receive a positive reply from your prospective employer, they will initiate the procedures necessary for the acquisition of your visa or residence permit.

Can I study full-time if I stay in Latvia on a work permit?

Yes, you can.

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