Let’s do it together: summer solstice traditions at Jāņa sēta

Let’s do it together: summer solstice traditions at Jāņa sēta

On 18 June, the One Stop Shop for Newcomers of the Society Integration Foundation invited its clients to jointly learn about the summer solstice traditions in Latvia. The Midsummer celebration was the first event in a series of events called “Doing Together!” (in Latvian: Darām kopā!). The purpose of such series of events is to get to know each other better, to learn more about the Latvian culture, and also to strengthen the sense of belonging.


The staff of the One Stop Shop had prepared an interactive walking route. The event started in the recently renovated Uzvaras Park in Riga. Through the centenary history of the park, participants also had the opportunity to learn about the most significant events in the history of Latvia. Special attention was also paid to the tradition of the Latvian Song and Dance Festival because in 1938 the IX Latvian Song Festival was held in the park.


After spending time in the Uzvaras Park, the participants also visited the Arkādijas Park and the Māras Pond. There they had the opportunity to learn more about the best Latvian classics in poetry. As the home of the poet Ojārs Vācietis was located nearby the Māras Pond, at the edge of the pond participants listened to his poetry in different languages and afterwards jointly translated the poem about a morning in the Āgenskalns Market.


Āgenskalns Market Square was also the next stop on the walk. At the market, participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with different traditions of the Midsummer celebration through riddles. Although the summer solstice is celebrated in various cultures, this was an opportunity to learn that these local traditions are unique and diverse.


The walking route ended by passing through the wooden house neighbourhood of Āgenskalns and the garden of sakura trees, returning to the initial departure point. This meeting place was chosen on purpose, as one of the first summer solstice festivities in Riga, i.e. Jāņa sēta, was held in the park that day. There, foreigners had the opportunity to try out Latvian games and dances together with various folklore groups, to get an up-close view of the folk costumes from different regions of Latvia, and to take part in creative workshops.


These types of events are an important support mechanism when building a community and working on the integration of newcomers into the Latvian society. Communities have the ability to provide social support, a sense of belonging and security, mutual assistance and understanding.


The One Stop Shop for Newcomers of the Society Integration Foundation provides all the necessary information support to third-country nationals and beneficiaries of international protection in one place for their resettlement in Latvia and successful socio-economic integration. During consultations it is also possible to obtain information on entry and residence conditions, employment, housing, healthcare, education, humanitarian aid and also to receive assistance in addressing personal situations. The One Stop Shop provides interpreting and translation services in more than 24 languages, including rare languages, legal assistance, individual counselling by psychologists and psychotherapists.


The provision of the services by the One Stop Shop is ensured within the scope of the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund project implemented by the Society Integration Foundation (contract No. PMIF/13.1./2022/1/01). Funding is provided by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (75%) and the Latvian State budget (25%).

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