Vientuļi and Pededze Border Crossing Points Closing Down

Vientuļi and Pededze Border Crossing Points Closing Down

The Order was adopted as a response to Russia`s decision to allow Ukrainian passport holders to enter Russia from third countries only at two border crossing points from October 16 – through Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow, Russia and through Vientuļi Border Crossing Point on the Latvian-Russian border.

This Russian decision is not only anattempt to divide the European Union and create tensions on its borders, but also to create conditions on the Latvian-Russian border that could significantly affect public order and pose a threat to national security. Therefore, in order to prevent a possible threat to public order and national security and to avoid possible adverse consequences of the situation created, it is necessary to suspend the operation of Latvian-Russian border crossing points.

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